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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Matthew 25:1-13

We taught a lesson about preparedness in Relief Society in the Boulevard Ward here in Kingston today, and in Sunday School we discussed what we can do in our lives to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ, so all the various aspects of spiritual and temporal preparation are at the forefront of our minds this evening. 

Our 72 hour kits

As we mentioned in earlier blogs, we have been involved in the training of representatives from all the wards and branches of the mission in the creation of emergency and disaster plans over the past few months. We continue to follow up with the units offering what little expertise we have in regards to home storage, 72 hour evacuation kits, etc. Of course, what works best here in Jamaica is not exactly what we are most familiar with, but the principles are the same. We are in the process of ordering just a few more items to be shipped here to complete 72 hour kits for the apartment. There are several things that we haven't been able to find here since camping equipment is really not in high demand here.


We were back on the north coast for Monday and Tuesday. Monday, we were in Montego Bay to make final payments for the last of the work done at the children's home. We had a security cage built around the new water pump. We love visiting the precious residents there, and even though the project is completed, we're pretty sure we'll drive up that crazy mountain road every now and then to check in with our dear friends. 

Monday evening we stayed at a nice - though older - hotel in Ocho Rios. Our predecessors had recommended the Mystic Ridge Hotel, and we were very pleased with the accommodations. We could not believe how loud the peepers (little tree frogs) were all night long. We've become very accustomed to the rhythmic chirp; it's a comforting sound that I'm sure we'll miss.

Mystic Ridge Hotel, Ocho Rios - view from our balcony

Jamaican "peeper"

Our purpose for staying in Ocho Rio overnight was to have a day to explore and make contact with some non-government organizations for potential partnership opportunities. There is not much evidence in our file cabinet of many welfare projects being carried out in the Ocho Rios area over the years, and just like everywhere, there is great need. We invited the young elders and sisters to meet us for lunch and enjoyed being with them. We noticed them look at their watches making sure they didn't take too long for lunch; obedient missionaries for sure. Just as we were getting ready to leave a lady seated nearby began talking with the elders. She had noticed the Book of Mormon on the table and asked what the book was. Those wonderful elders didn't miss a beat and were soon seated at her table sharing a message as we left. It was a wonderful sight to see.


On Thursday, we were able to drop off a donation of several boxes of newborn kits to the largest maternity hospital in the Caribbean here in Kingston. When we found out our neighbor is a OB/GYN there, we coordinated with him to donate these kits. We know the contents of the kits will be put to good use. We hope to develop a project with the hospital in the near future. We've already been in communication with our Area Welfare Manager who then shared an outline of a proposed project with specialists in Salt Lake. 


We also attended the Kingston Zone Conference on Thursday. We were able to meet some of the new missionaries who arrived the last transfer. The training was excellent, and the Spirit was felt by all. The brownies we made were a hit too as always. 


Friday, we took a quick trip to Mandeville in connection with the gardening project over there. We both commented that the drive doesn't seem nearly as long as it used to. 

We will be anxiously engaged in project work the next two weeks. We have meetings to attend, purchases and deliveries to make here in Kingston, and the long-awaited chicks for the multi-family Member Welfare Project in Savanna-la-Mar are arriving on Thursday. We'll be driving over there early that morning to help with picking up and delivering chicks and feed to the project families. That will be exciting. 

We also have some last minute preparations to make for the wheelchair training we're involved with in Montego Bay June 10-16. The two couples who are the specialists from Salt Lake will arrive on Saturday, and then the training begins on Monday. We hope all the months of preparations by the specialists, the Salvation Army (our partnering organization), and us will bring about the desired results; if not, it is what it is (our mission president's wife's favorite saying), and we will make it all work. We know that if we are doing the Lord's will and listening carefully for direction and guidance, it will all be great. 

Doctrine and Covenant 58:7 
Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness; 

1 Corinthians 28:9
Serve him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind,

We are looking forward to learning yet another set of skills, and we'll be sure to share the details about the wheelchair training when it's all over. Who said you can't teach old dogs new tricks? Learning new things every day is one of the perks of serving as senior missionaries. 

No sitting in recliners for us - oh, but that would feel very good every now and then. 😉

All our love...


  1. Thank you for sharing so many of your experiences. We just read your last two posts and I thought about how many hats you get to wear as senior missionaries and how important couples are to the mission president, the young missionaries and the members. As they mention during PMG week at the MTC you have been training all your lives to serve the Lord in Jamaica.

    1. You are so right. The multitude and diversity of experiences we have had during our 40 years in the Church truly have helped prepare us for the wide array of responsibilities we have here in Jamaica. We learn new things every day.

  2. As always love reading these posts!! You guys are sure part of a great cause!