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Saturday, September 3, 2016

August 24 - September 1, 2016

The highlight of the past 11 days was our trip to the Dominican Republic for a welfare services training seminar. We had a wonderful experience being in yet another foreign country. We're getting better at all the immigration and customs procedures. We flew into Miami and then on to Santo Domingo, DR.

This building is in the temple complex and houses the Missionary Training Center and Area Presidency offices.  There is also housing for families who have traveled here to attend the temple.

Santo Domingo Temple

We were able to attend the temple as a group one of the evenings. 

In attendance at the seminar were the Area Welfare Manager, the Area Welfare Specialists missionary couple, and welfare missionaries serving in Barbados, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and of course, us in Jamaica. Monday was a travel day, and then we started the week Tuesday by meeting with President Zivic, a counselor in the Area Presidency. He gave us great words of council and advice using the scriptures to teach the doctrinal principles of our charge of relieving suffering and caring for the poor and needy regardless of nationality or religion. 
Our new dear friend from Haiti.

Using translators for English to Spanish and
Spanish to English.

This is at the Area Offices which is located in another part of the city. We had translators for Spanish to English and vice versa. We were impressed with the technology used to make this seminar such a success. 
Lunch at a very nice restaurant right on the beach. 

Colonial Zone

We ventured out on our own the last afternoon in Santo Domingo to take a train ride tour of the Colonial Zone. This and the picture below are of two of the many very old cathedrals in the area.
"The Colonial Zone is both an important historical site and a vibrant neighborhood that is currently experiencing a cultural and economic renaissance. Founded in 1498, the Santo Domingo Colonial Zone is the oldest European settlement in the New World. In 1990, the entire area was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site." (http://www.santodomingotourism.com)


Statue of Christopher Columbus

This statue of Christopher Columbus is in one of the main courtyards of the Colonial Zone. Notice the pigeons. There were hundreds in this courtyard area. We enjoyed watching children running through and feeding the birds. The pigeons would come sit right on their hands and heads. 
Views of the beautiful shoreline. The water was a brilliant blue. 

A few thoughts from the seminar/training this week:
  • President Zivic taught us the natural man moves in a horizontal way only communicating with the five senses. If we incorporate the sixth sense - the one that allows us to communicate with heaven - our movement becomes vertical.

  • It's good to be seen doing good, but it's not good to do good to be seen.

  • We don't do humanitarian work to convert; we do this work to share the love of Heavenly Father for all his children and to relieve suffering and care for the poor and needy of all nationalities and religions. 

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